Press Release: Book Presentation of LAlien for Sietar Austria at the Vienna Expat Center

Sietar Austria invited me to hold a reading of my book LAlien-From the Austrian Alps to the Hollywood Hills at the Vienna Expat center on January 21. And so I did.

Check out the Press Release by MyMorawa summarizing the fantatic evening:

Trimming the Stuff-Fat

My last blog post in 2017 was about my intention of holding back on unnecessary purchases in 2018 - and I am still quite serious about it. During our trip to London over New Year's, I realized two of my
biggest weaknesses are:
- vacation shopping, and
- boredom shopping

In the past, I have often dedicated a whole day to shopping when on vacation. I'm not really sure when this 'tradition' came about but it has been my thing. We only had 4 days in London and the city was crazy crowded. For some reason, I had absolutely no desire to go shopping. I only bought some supplements at Whole Foods, which is a store I loved in the US and doesn't exist in Austria. I was waiting for that 'feeling of missing out' to set in for not roaming through the shops, when walking past the shopping area, however, I got so distracted by all the sights I wanted to see that experiences became more important than things.  Sure, it would have been much easier to spend the day at the mal…

New Year - New Me?

2017 was a mixed bag in many ways, therefore I am not really sad that the year is coming to a close.
And although I have a lot of plans for 2018, I don't want to make a lot of resolutions except for losing weight - but that's always on the list. ;) Instead, I have joined an online group that focuses on cutting spending to the necessities.

I really enjoy online shopping for clothes - I can browse for hours in my sweatpants and don't have to deal with people. So when an email lands in my inbox promising x% off, I get very excited. I am not much of a luxury shopper. Most luxury items I own (a purse, a coat and a wallet) were gifts or I got them (jewelry) for a lot less because I worked for the company.

Most of my funds go towards vacations. I just love traveling and exploring different countries! Now that we've adopted a kitty cat, traveling will require some additional planning and consideration. We have a few trips on the radar for 2018, however, way less than previousl…

Movie Review: Wonder Woman


I know I'm late to the game of watching the movie Wonder Woman. I had heard good things about it but I was reluctant because I feared it would end like all female-centered heroine movies end: with a wedding or with a baby - or both. (I'm looking at you Hunger Games). No matter how often a woman saves the day in the end, she is always reduced to the role of the love interest or the mother, as if to say "yeah, we know you can kick ass and have brains but don't forget your place in society: by a man's side and in the nursery". Gag.

At about the midway point of the movie, Wonder Woman seemed to go the same direction. Gal Gadot looks - of course - amazing in every shot. A flawless body and perfect hair at all times - just how we would have looked on the battle fields of World War I. I really envied her for her amazing outfit - who wouldn't want bullet proof bracelets. She is trained and raised by a lot of strong women in order to save the world from …

Crazy Cat Lady Loading in 5 - 4 - 3 ...

So far, 2017 has been a mixed bag in many ways. There has been the good: a wonderful marriage, a beautiful home, opening my own language service business, fulfilling friendships and the ability to continue following my passion of writing. Since I mentioned a mixed bag, here's the bad: three different allergies, a thyroid lump and significant food intolerances that severely impact my quality of life - and the pocketbook. All of this has led to a rollercoaster of emotions that I have a hard time controlling and masking around others.

On a particularly sad day, my health issues make me lethargic and make me feel like I'm missing out on 'life', my husband asked me what would make me happy. I know that professional fulfillment is one of the things that make me happy but it's nothing that can be forced and I can only continue to pursue it as much as possible. I tried to remember if there was one thing, one event, one life stage that made me particularly happy. And the a…

I went to Greece - check it out!

My husband and I went to Greece in early October. It was my first trip to the cradle of democracy!

Check out some impressions from Athens and Santorini



Just five more minutes...

If you could spend 5 minutes with someone who is dead, who would you choose? I would chose my dog Jake. We only spent four years together because he was already 10 years old when I adopted him and after three years, his health  deteriorated rapidly. He crossed the rainbow bridge after being diagnosed with a brain tumor and his body functions shutting down one after the other.

I was never as mentally and physically healthy as I was when I had Jake in my life. I did not have a cold or even a headache while I had him. I did not miss a day of work or university. I was fit because I had to walk him several times a day. Whenever I was stressed or sad, he cheered me up with a smile or dropping his favorite ball in my lap to play - or by simply rolling onto his back when sleeping, which always made me laugh out loud.

I certainly never understood why he loved laying down on my yoga mat when I was doing my pilates exercises. Whenever I lifted my legs up to the ceiling and then back down again, …